Teddy Bears Against Pornography  
Campaigning to protect the Teddy Bear population
from the effects of viewing animal acts committed by humans.

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teen party girl with school uniform, giant lollipop, loose socks and teddy bear
  Texas Teddy reports: Well, we're off to a retro flashback party. My mistress has put on her old school uniform and bought a giant lollipop. I add an authentic touch, don't you think?

Teen blonde party girl with her teddy bear and lollipop and hair ribbons
  California Report from Nigel Bear: This is great party, all the girls have ribbons in their hair. I havn't been up this late in ages.

Teen girl at party with hair ribbons, lollipop and teddy bear in romper suit
  Nigel bear continues: My eyes are popping right out. This is some party. All the boys are trying to get all the girls drunk. I sure hope my cute pink romper-suit doesn't get messed up.  

    Lifestyle Hint: Teddy bears need plenty of sleep. Don't take them to late night parties unless they can sleep in the next day.
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