Teddy Bears Against Pornography  
Campaigning to protect the Teddy Bear population
from the effects of viewing animal acts committed by humans.

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teddy bear bedtime sleeping english chavette scrubber girl
  Rupert Bear reports from Yorkshire: It's bedtime in England right now. Or at least that's what I thought.

Queen Nefertiti teddy bear girl england 
english scrubber pikey sex
  Rupert continues: Queen Nefertiti would turn in her mummy case if she could see what I was forced to look at. We Teddy Bears were considered sacred in ancient Egypt. We demand restitution of these ancient rites.

teddy bear bottom english chav sex british pikey
  Rupert concludes: Where I live in the North of England, they are obsessed with bottoms. Bears prefer the sweet smell of honey.  

    Lifestyle Hint: Make sure your Teddy Bear gets a good night's sleep and is not woken up by strange noises or people yelling "Oh God".
This page was last updated on Saturday 1st October, 2011.
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