Teddy Bears Against Pornography  
Campaigning to protect the Teddy Bear population
from the effects of viewing animal acts committed by humans.

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teddy bear plushie - harry potter - bedtime story
  Green Alert: Our master is reading us a story. It's wonderful, nearly as good as Harry Potter. We are so happy.

Scrubber Chavette Girl in red sweater jumper - english youth led astray - Teddy Bear Plushie Toys - bedtime story
  Orange Alert: Here's trouble. A woman in brightly coloured clothing has caught the attention of our master.

english scrubber chavette girl with british youth - teddy bear watching
  Red Alert: Our master has been led astray. These humans are taking their clothes off. We will be forced to watch something quite unspeakable. He has forgotten to mark the place in our storybook.  

    Lifestyle Hint: Protect your Teddy Bear from evil elements that might open the floodgates of doom. Beware of people carrying suitcases and people who don't queue properly.
This page was last updated on Saturday 1st October, 2011.
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