Teddy Bears Against Pornography  
Campaigning to protect the Teddy Bear population
from the effects of viewing animal acts committed by humans.

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fluffy monkey chimp on couch with his teenage mistress girl in rainbow socks
  Those sunflowers make me feel like I'm back in the jungle


plushie monkey chimp poses with teenage girl hair ribbons
  My very own Fay Wray  

plushie chimp monkey with teenage girl hair ribbons
  ... or Naomi Watts if you insist  

yobbo bogan man youth on couch 
with fluffy monkey chimp and teen girl in rainbow socks
  This uncouth youth has sat on me.  

teenage girl with fluffy monkey chimp sex
  What is she looking at? I can't see neither.  

fluffy plushie monkey chimp with teenage girl sex
  Where is King Kong when I need him?  

    Lifestyle Hint: Chimps have 99% of their DNA in common with humans. Their feelings should be taken into account at all times.
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