Teddy Bears Against Pornography  
Campaigning to protect the Teddy Bear population
from the effects of viewing animal acts committed by humans.
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teddy bear nude girls phone europorn
Papa Bear reports from Finland: Our wholesome family gathering was interrupted when these girls removed their clothes. My panic-stricken cousin Willie on the shelf below is about to ring the emergency number.

big feet - playing footsies - europorn
  A studious bear reports from Stockholm: I'm safe up here on the shelf. That woman sure has big feet.

nude teddy bear plushie
Fritz Bear reports from Bavaria: I was innocently enjoying upright beardom, sitting respectably by the bed, when a woman entered my room.

loving teddy bear molestation plushie sex
Fritz continues: I was lured to slide into a world of depravity and forced to perform as a gigolo bear. Note the skin vandalism on the woman's leg. People who molest bears are often branded in this way.


    Lifestyle Hint: Make sure your Teddy Bear is turned to face the wall when he or she should not be watching. Don't let them have a cigarette afterwards.
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