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This timetable began on 7th September, 2019 and is still current as at 8th December, 2021.

Train Timetable - From Sydney to Grafton

Daily Service  Casino XPT Grafton XPT Brisbane XPT
Depart Central 7:08 am 11:41 am 2:41 pm
Gosford 8:29 am 2:58 pm 4:00 pm
Broadmeadow 9:33 am 2:04 pm 5:04 pm
Maitland 9:59 am 2:30 pm 5:27 pm
Taree 12:40 pm 5:25 pm 8:08 pm
Kempsey 2:25 pm 7:10 pm 9:52 pm
Coffs Harbour 3:57 pm 8:50 pm 11:35 pm
Arrive Grafton 5:11 pm 10:15 pm 12:49 am
Casino 6:40 pm - 2:19 am
Brisbane - - 4:53 am

Train Timetable - From Grafton to Sydney

Daily Service  Grafton XPT XPT from Brisbane XPT from Casino
Brisbane - 5:55 am -
Casino - 8:20 am 7:30 pm
Depart Grafton 5:15 am 9:53 am 8:58 pm
Coffs Harbour 6:26 am 11:05 am 10:10 pm
Kempsey 8:05 am 12:43 pm 11:47 pm
Taree 9:52 am 2:41 pm 1:31 am
Maitland 12:53 pm 5:30 pm 4:06 am
Broadmeadow 1:19 pm 5:52 pm 4:28 am
Gosford 2:20 pm 6:57 pm 5:29 am
Arrive Central 3:44 pm 8:12 pm 6:50 am

Notes and Information

These times are a summary of the official timetable updated 7th September 2019 and still correct at 8th December 2021.

Basically there are three trains every day and the trip takes about ten and a quarter hours. Other stops including Hornsby, Wyong and many towns on the North Coast have not been shown. The trip is pleasant and the time passes quickly.

Fares: Grafton-Sydney fares are roughly $73 second class and $102 first class, close to the day of travel and at times peak times. Lower "saver" fares apply for travelling outside the peak times or booking in advance, say $53 second class and $73 first class. Good discounts apply for Children, Students, Seniors and Pensioners, sometimes 50% off. For short holidays, the return fare is usually double the single fare. The on-line booking system takes time but it does all the combinations correctly. Given all the discounts, there is no exact fare, so try booking and see what fare is offered.

Usually you will pass an XPT train going the opposite way between Maitland and Taree. Ask the staff on the train for details. On hot days there may be speed restrictions and the train will gradually run later than the timetable.

NSW TrainLink / Countrylink Timetables page.

NSW TrainLink / CountryLink - Travel Alerts - Trackwork Page for Trains
For trackwork and delays to services check this link on the day before travelling. Be warned that buses may replace trains when troubles occur.

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