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  Grafton   Grafton is the main town in the Clarence Valley on the North Coast of NSW. Grafton itself is on the north side of the river, while South Grafton is on the south side of the river. Suburbs of Grafton itself include Dovedale, Westlawn and North Grafton. The whole town (actually a city) has a population of about 18,000 whilst the population of the valley is about 40,000.

Grafton is about two thirds of the way to Brisbane from Sydney. The distance from Sydney by road is about 600Km and is getting shorter as more bypasses are added. The distance by rail is about 690Km - it's much longer becauses it passes through towns that needed the railway before people owned cars, and the government has never upgraded it.

This website is designed to give an overview of Grafton and the Clarence Valley. The emphasis is on pictures, not text, and this web site is not meant to be perfect or complete. Contributions and comments are welcome.

This website is hosted on a computer near London in England. The webmaster went to school in Grafton. All the pictures were taken in the Grafton district (of course) using a camera made in Japan. The writing is done in Sydney and in Grafton. This computer has a motherboard made in Taiwan, and the other parts made in various Asian countries such as South Korea and China. That's the internet and globalisation for you.

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