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  Sharon's Aussie Country Music Photos
Pictures taken around Sydney and in Tamworth.

  Grafton - City of the Jacarandas
Tourist Information for the prettiest town on the North Coast of NSW
  Pictures of Smokers
People and animals enjoying cigarettes and cigars.
  Casey and Lowe - Sydney's Archaeology and Heritage Experts.
Excavation and digging with care and compassion

  The Bondi Beach Home Page
Pictures and Information about Australia's most famous beach.

  Gerry Patterson's Technical Blog
Some top technical information on Networking and the Internet, plus discussion of the current social issues that stem from computing (such as censoring the Internet).
  Technical Articles and Information
Read about Logfile Analysis on a server including this website.
  Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions
Read about BUGAUP, a movement of activists who refaced billboards across Australia, well before the internet was invented. The forerunner to Culture Jamming.
  The Blackheath Connection
A new slant on Australian history: Who owned our Convict Ships???

  Ruth Bernard Home Page
Author of the Australian novel "HR".
  Teddy Bears Against Rude Pictures
Innocent Teddy Bears in the nursery are campaigning - A web site not for the faint hearted.

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