Sharon Colon
proudly presents
Tamworth - Country Music Capital

Dear surfers and readers, I had a wonderful two weeks in Tamworth and here some pics taken with the amazing new digital camera. Click on each pic to see a larger version.

Laurie Minson - apostrophe error
Nobody has ever bothered about this one until now.

Psychic in Tamworth - apostrophe error
They should have seen this coming.

Henna Tattoos - apostrophe error
Luckily it washes off.

The Lees - apostrophe error
Listen out for The Lees, seriously.

Tamworth Peel Street - apostrophe error
Up there, for everyone to see.

Tamworth mulcher - apostrophe error
What more can I say???.

Tamworth vending machine - you're apostrophe error
Here the apostrophe is missing from the word Lovers.
Adding an apostrophe would reveal whether Lovers is singular or plural.

Last Updated - 28th December 2015.
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