Sharon Colon
proudly presents
A Tour of My Local Suburb

Dear surfers and readers, I have finally dusted off the old Kodak Box Brownie and taken a few snapshots of my local suburb. For extra reading, I have added some tourist information taken without alteration from a local web site.

Pastashop - apostrophe error
My local pasta shop.

Weekly's - apostrophe error
The archway inside a local video shop.

Veterans - apostrophe error
Sign on the door of a local medical centre.

Sydney - The First Settlement: From Kings Cross all the way to the coastline and down the coast to Botany Bay where Australia's white settlement had its' birth. In 1788 when Captain Phillip entered the Harbour with the first fleet they settled in Suydney Cove, now Circular Quay and moved eastwards along the harbour foreshores where they could fish and travel around by boat. The land was not any good for farming so this was never it's use. (Unedited quote from

Charlies Chicken - apostrophe error
Our local take away chicken shop.

Charlies Chicken - apostrophe error
The chicken shop's window.

Charlies Chicken - apostrophe error
The sign above the footpath. Check the background for an unusual word.

Wheelie bins - apostrophe error
Meanwhile, all is peaceful in the back lane........

Last Updated - 28th December, 2015.
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