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Just wait a minute, while I put on my Akubra...

Warren H Williams on tour
Warren's tour's date's.

Mike Rayson hails from Kimba, SA, home of the "Big Galah".

Mike Rayson
Mike Rayson

Brian Young
Brian Young.

Brian Young
Brian Young on tour.

Tamworth is Australia's home of Country Music.
Although the Nashville sound of music is much copied, the hillbilly style of punctuation remains popular.

Happy Ever After - apostrophe error
My favourite album for the year 2001 by Mary Heard and the Midwest Obsession.

Now, a direct quote from Yahoo Groups...


This is a mailing list for people involved in Australian Country Music on a professional level.
(Radio Announcer's, Performers, Promoters Etc.)

Maxene - apostrophe error
Meanwhile up in Byron Bay, Maxene is busy carving out a name for herself.
Byron must be really hopping with native wildlife like wombat's and kangaroo's.

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