Sharon Colon
proudly presents
Some Cult Movies

Teenagers from Outer Space
When you see a poster like this, you know what to expect...

But now you get the added bonus of DVD packaging done by illiterate wanna-be designers....

Teenagers - fine print on DVD package

The Rocky Horror Show

Sweet Transvestite
Sheet music for Sweet Transvite.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The stage show from 1973 remains a classic.

Time Warp
Sheet Music for the Time Warp

Glen or Glenda

A cult classic from the fifties, now damaged for its DVD release
by junior copy writers who probably studied 'social justice' at university
and creepy publicity executives who cannot tell the difference between porn movies and cult movies.

Glen or Glenda

Glen or Glenda

Things to Come - 1936
Once upon a time, Cult Cinema Monday at the Annandale Hotel
was one place in Sydney to see truely amazing B-grade films,
and, for apostrophe spotters, the regular advertising added even more terror.

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Last Updated - Sunday 27th December, 2015.