Sharon Colon
proudly presents
Local Real Estate Signs

An eager Real Estate Agent will cheerfully erect a ghastly apostrophe error in your front yard.

Real Estate Agent Sign Bondi Junction Apostrophe Error
A dilapidated but expensive terrace house suitable for all type's of buyer's.

Real Estate Agent Sign Rose Bay Apostrophe Error
The local Real Estate market is very competitive, but they all agree on wacky punctuation.

An Unedited quote from an article about property:

The Eastern Suburbs: Recently residential prices have esculated and even small terrace houses or duplexes now command up to 3/4 of a million dollars.
For well over 50 years all the land has been utilised so the only developements left are for building apartments where homes once stood. The area is a favourite for certain ethnic groups and consequently the deli is the place to go !
Many young tourists use it as their base due it's closeness to the beach and city. (Spelling and apostrophe errors from
Last updated - Monday 28th December, 2015.
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