The Lost Dogs at Avoca Beach on Thursday, 21st June 2007.
Bill Chambers The Lost Dogs at Avoca Kasey Chambers at Avoca Shane Nicholson and Kevin Bennett
Brooke Harvey at Avoca Bill Chambers Shane Nicholson The Lost Dogs Sessions
Kevin Bennett Adam Harvey and Becky Cole Adam Harvey and Becky Cole
To a capacity crowd, The Lost Dogs did songs by or about Jimmy Rodgers, Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie.
Kevin Bennett played in the band as a "stray dog" for the night and sang a couple of songs as well.
Bill wore his awesome double breasted suit, as pictured on the "Lookin' Back to See" CD.
Shane, Chris and Kasey (never lost for something to say) rounded out the band.

Special guests at the Lost Dogs Sessions included Brooke Harvey (above) who did a song about a lynching in 1910 plus Adam Harvey and Becky Cole (duet, above) and Jessica Belle (sorry, no pic) who did a smashing duet with Bill Chambers of the Hank Williams classics Wedding Bells and Let's Turn Back the Years. Other guests (no pics) included Corrina Steel, Paddy Devine, Ben Crick, and Kell Stoner from Newcastle.

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Digital photos by Brian, the first six were taken without the flash, the last four were taken with the flash. Enjoy.

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