The Fifties Fair in Sydney

Fifties Kitchen Housewife Stove   Nostaglia for the 1950's is all around us. Retro is in. Authentic Rockabilly dancing (before rock-n-roll) is back.
The Fifties are celebrated in fine style at the annual Fifties Fair at the Rose Seidler House in Wahroonga. A great cross section of Sydney's Rockabilly dancers and fans turn out for the event.   Fifties Kitchen Housewife Stove
Fifties Kitchen Housewife Stove   The organisers put on something slightly different each year so that the regulars who go every year don't get jaded.
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This year: The Fifties Fair will be held on Sunday 24th August, 2014

Last Year: Pictures from the 2013 Fifties Fair.

Previous: Pictures from the 2012 Fifties Fair.
  Fifties Kitchen Housewife Stove

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